Software Licence Management as a means of “Sweating the Assets”

Neil Frodsham, Sales Manager for Licence Dashboard and Software Asset Management (SAM) specialist, will be presenting at the Intellect Innovation Den held at the Intellect Conference Suite, 10-12 Russell Square, WC1B 5EE on Friday 26 November.


The theme of the event is “Sweating the Assets” – with budgets right across the public sector under the microscope, it’s become increasingly important to do more with less.  ‘Sweating the assets’ may only be a short-term solution, but it is a useful first step to more efficient service utilisation and broader business transformation over the long term. 


At this den, Neil will offer his innovative propositions for how effective software licence management could help the public sector make considerable financial savings. Neil will discuss the challenges, areas of risk, benefits and financial savings that simple processes and good use of the right tools can bring – tools like the Licence Dashboard™ which simplifies licence ownership and procurement, as well as data cleansing the output of most audit tools.


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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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