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Organisations of all sizes are realising that licence management is a black-art, a forever moving target which is more than just the act of adding a number of documents against a device or user. Ideally, every organisation needs to employ a Software Licensing Expert – finding such an individual with the right skill sets and experience, however, can be a near impossible and very expensive task.

Furthermore, with the ever increasing chance of a licence regulator or vendor knocking on the door to conduct a licence review, Senior Management has realised there is a significant risk if licensing terms for all externally procured software are not properly observed. Your organisation’s reputation and brand may be damaged by any negative publicity resulting from such legal issues.

To address these issues, Licence Dashboard Limited has developed a Software Licensing Support Service that is trustworthy and reliable.

Subscribing to this service can help organisations minimise overspend and reduce the risk of illegal exposure.

The Software Licensing Support Service includes the following comprehensive support:


Contract & Licence Management Support

Understanding how to effectively manage and protect software licence entitlement and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money can sometimes be challenging. In addition, knowing what constitutes a licence, how to verify its authenticity and understanding what must be archived can be very confusing. Utilising the Contract and Licence Management Support line allows your organisation to have direct access to a Licence Dashboard Licence Specialist who will be happy to help explain the ‘ins and outs’ of these complex contracts.

Licence Autopsy Services

On a daily basis, most organisations will have internal licensing queries being raised by Senior Management, Project Managers and end users – these are usually delegated to an IT Manager, Procurement Officer or Licence Administrator to interpret. Many organisations will call upon their resellers to help but the depth of knowledge and experience required may not always be available and occasionally the advice given may not be 100% impartial – given the reseller’s other affiliations and nature of their business.

With licensing terms being very complicated and subjective, it is essential that your colleagues have access to technically competent Licence Specialists, thus reducing the risks of misinterpretation and the misuse of software.

Application Recognition Support

When trying to ascertain your organisation’s software usage by using comprehensive reports from your existing IT asset management or discovery tools, it can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to interpret your licence liability. Using the Application Recognition Support line, Licence Dashboard Ltd can help your IT Asset Managers identify software and the associated liability.


Frequently Asked Questions

All subscribers to the Software Licensing Support Service gain access to the Members Area of our Web site. The FAQ area lists frequently asked questions from our members and enables a quick response to be acquired.

User Discussion Forum & Newsgroup

An online bulletin board allows users to post messages and comment on other messages, creating an online community for all members.


Discounted Training and Licence Management Workshops

Throughout your subscription to the Software Licensing Support Service, our chargeable onsite or online training and licence management workshops will be available to you at a discounted rate.


The World’s Leading Licence Management Tool For those users who do not have a licence management tool, the Software Licence Support Service provides you with a copy of Licence Dashboard™ Standard Edition.

This unique service is without doubt the most comprehensive support programme in today’s market and by subscribing you can rest reassured you are in the best hands possible. With pricing starting at £1,500 per annum for up to 1,000 users, contact the Licence Dashboard Team to find out more about how the Software Licensing Support Service can help you take the headache out of managing your software licensing.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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