WEBINAR: Become an ITAM Data Superstar – 24th April 2019

How effective IT Asset Management is within an organization starts with the quality of hardware and software data it’s based on. The majority of the 150+ inventory tools on the market these days will scan an IT network to provide that information, but that’s only part of the process – using it to reliably identify your licensable products is an altogether different story.

Although comprehensive, the way these tools recognize installed applications is either through their unique .EXE filenames or MSI based Add/Remove Programs information. But with PCs commonly having hundreds or thousands of unique entries – such as system files, drivers, freeware, shareware, and games – many software recognition programs will recognize only a limited percentage, making the data difficult to rely on.

Multiple tools versus the single pane of glass

Multiple tools bring multiple reports, and multiple reports will bring variations in outputs that must be consolidated into one view. That means that if an organization chooses to use more than one inventory tool, the data from each of those sources will need to be normalized and fed back into a unified, readable format.

The always-sought-after but incredibly-elusive single pane of glass will only be achieved through cleansed, normalized and consolidated data. Without a tool to do it, this is an extremely time-consuming manual task that requires process updates to account for any changes.

How to become and ITAM data superstar

In our upcoming webinar, Collating disparate data into one super set with License Dashboard, we discuss the ways in which an organization’s IT department should be getting the most value out of their hardware and software data. We’ll cover the necessary processes involved in collecting and combining that data, as well as what License Dashboard’s role is in the automation of such a task.

Become an ITAM Data Superstar – 24 April 2019 at 15:00 (GMT)

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Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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