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Webinar: Combining License Dashboard and Lansweeper to Reduce IT Spend

Together with Lansweeper, License Dashboard hosted a webinar on Tuesday 19 November 2019 to discuss how the two solutions work in partnership to reduce an organization’s IT spend. Full visibility via Network Inventory, and detailed cross referencing of software license requirements and availability means users realize the many benefits of Software Asset Management, and prevent purchases on unnecessary software licensing.

Discover your IT with Lansweeper

Lansweeper scans the network, creating an inventory of devices using a wide range of agentless protocols to discover hardware, software, warranties, and event logs. For organizations using remote machines or with a BYOD/take home culture, the Agent securely sends the data to the Lansweeper installation to be included in the scan. Software scans reveal the type of software, and the version being used, but the recently added ‘performance scanning’ also monitors the performance of the machines’ CPU/disk usage to rid the organization of potential bottlenecks in operations.

Should an organization have a specific SQL server, or a machine with a database, this can also be scanned. And this is where Lansweeper’s partnership with License Dashboard begins to come into its own.

Amongst its 500 built-in reports, specific SQL Server reports can be used to ensure the organization has the sufficient number of licenses required for that SQL Server, as well as which machines are approaching the end of their warranty and so they can be acted on before they become an issue.

The Servers page in the Lansweeper tool itself now boasts a new ‘clustering’ tab, which provides information like name and node as well as activity logs so users can see what’s happened where and when. This holds licensing information, and monitors subscriptions, highlighting licensing issues when something like a Windows Cluster is scanned, with specific tabs for Hyper-V, Citrix, Cloud, and VMWare also.

Lansweeper and License Dashboard to reduce IT spend

Lansweeper inventory data can be automatically reconciled with software license entitlement through License Dashboard’s License Manager, offering visualization of software without the correctly assigned licenses. Understanding the available and assigned software licensing ensures cost efficient use – it’s easy to see where costs can be reduced in future true ups.

License Manager categorizes deployed software by function, which means it’s much easier to spot cross-over and duplication of applications, and act on them. It can also fuel major software upgrade projects such as migration, so organizations understand what needs to be moved, and what needs to be protected.

License Manager 12 talks to the Lansweeper database to build a history of assets and compliance. The notifications area will point to any alerts in data like expired licenses. A report will then show exactly what will need to be fixed.

Drill downs into the raft of reports will reveal the installations that need attention. The assets workspace links with Lansweeper to show whether there has been any alarming change in users or licensing. This gives detailed information and descriptions of software purpose and usage, and the type of license that is required.

The license workspace is a list of license transactions with vendors or resellers. Each row pertains to a transaction, where detailed information about how much it cost, how long it lasts, and any future upgrades rights can be found. This is pulled into the entitlements area, and then reveals how many licenses an organization has available for use.

These data sets meet in the compliance area of LM12, so users get a trend line to view their level of compliance over a period of time. This shows what action needs to be taken, if any.

Exclusive Lansweeper/License Manager Partnership Offer

License Dashboard aims to make effective Software Asset Management affordable for all businesses, and Lansweeper customers can take advantage of an exclusive price available until the end of February 2019.

This exclusive offer includes everything you need to begin managing your software effectively, utilizing your existing investment in Lansweeper’s technology.

For more details, contact License Dashboard today or call +44 (0) 1094 562 217. View the recorded webinar, with full Q&A here.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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