Welcome to 2020: Perfect vision of your IT estate

With the new year comes new goals, and although this could be a big year of change for your business, I’d be willing to bet that one objective remains the same: saving money.

I’d also be willing to bet that IT takes up a big chunk of your financial forecast this year, and with many organizations overspending on software by up to 30% of that precious IT budget, my final bet is that there are some huge savings to made here.

Amongst the many benefits of effective Software Asset Management is the accurate Discovery and reporting of the entire network. From highlighting duplicate applications, unused programs, and shadow IT, to identifying opportunities for re-harvesting existing licenses rather than making unnecessary purchases, with License Dashboard’s three value propositions, you can achieve perfect vision of your IT estate.

1. SAM Insights for transparency in IT assets

Quickly gain clarity and deep understanding of your IT ecosystem, enabling your business to tactically reduce IT costs, lessen risk related to the ownership and use of software, whilst improving decision making and increasing efficiency in IT transformation.

SAM Insights is designed specifically to analyse all the existing IT asset data through automated process to provide better understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. The service allows management to better understand the relationship between different data for better decision-making and distribution of resources. SAM Insights plays an important role in the strategic planning process, whilst ensuring that the business can respond to unpredicted or planned change.

Combining our technology solutions with your company’s existing inventory systems and other critical data sources, SAM Insights will give you the insights required to resolve multiple IT challenges. By automatically, normalising, cleansing and enriching your existing data sources, there no faster way of getting the information you require to making more informed decisions relating to you IT infrastructure.

From responding to Vendor Audits or simply delivering the necessary information required to transition to the Cloud, SAM Insights delivers reliable in-depth analytic reports that allow key stakeholders to respond efficiently and confidently to third-party demands, whilst gaining the knowledge and intelligence that is required to meet your strategic goals.

2. SAM Essentials for a deeper understanding of software asset management

Implement the technology, processes and people necessary to empower your company to gain absolute clarity of the organisation’s software licensing position, enabling effective management, control and protection of the software assets within your organisation.

Through comprehensive training and personal development, SAM Essentials ensures that the company has the necessary skills and tools to implement a self-sufficient Software Asset Management program that puts you firmly in the driving seat and guarantees that you achieve your strategic goals.

Utilising License Dashboard License Manager to automate the process of managing your compliance obligations, gives your SAM team the time required to optimise your purchasing, deployment, utilisation and disposal of software applications. Additionally, having clarity and complete control of your software assets, allows you to reduce IT costs and limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, while maximising IT responsiveness and end-user productivity.

SAM Essentials program is very quick to implement and the speed to value is assured and significant faster than any other Product or Service on the market. Through the use of powerful analytical dashboards, business users can independently identify and act upon risks identified, whilst being able to fully support the full software lifecycle.

3. SAM Agile for focused software license management

Rapid, continuous delivery of Software Asset Management business value, executed in agile partnership with all key stakeholders, focusing on what is most important to the business, whilst guaranteeing ROI and attainment of the company’s vision.

Agile innovation methods have revolutionised information technology. Over the past 20 years they have greatly increased success rates in project delivery, improved quality and speed to value, and boosted the motivation and productivity of IT teams.

As a consequence, License Dashboard has developed, in partnership with its customers, an agile Software Asset Management program that uniquely delivers, efficient, effective Software Asset Management without the rigid schedule that comes from a traditional SAM Managed service.

SAM Agile is based on a core service which includes cleansing data, managing proof of entitlement, and license reconciliation to ensure that all required data is up-to-date and available to power the Managed Service. Building upon this foundation, License Dashboard then works with your organization to produce a list of priorities that will form the Demand Backlog of the Agile program.

SAM Agile then informs your Software Asset Management team to meet the needs of your organization: Planning product- or vendor-specific activities in monthly sprints, allocating points to each activity, and operating on a tiered software publisher basis. Organizations can now work with License Dashboard to quickly scope a full year of SAM activity, with specific effort focussed on targeted activities throughout the year.

SAM Agile’s unique approach to managing Software Asset Management, really allows us to deliver a flexible service that easily adapts to changing requirements and ensures that value is optimized throughout the delivery process and, consequently, savings can be recognised and banked quickly. As a result, your company will be able to subscribe to a service that delivers exactly what you want, when you need it, instead of being fixed to an inflexible service that delivers outcomes at the wrong time and don’t meet the real-life demands made on the business.

Contact License Dashboard today and quote discount code Insights2020, Essentials2020 or Agile2020 for 20% off your order until the end of January 2020.

Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson

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