What Do The Microsoft Price Rises Mean to You?

With the upcoming release of Office 2019 Microsoft have announced significant price rises across common desktop products.  Office 2019 itself will be uplifted by 10% with similar price rise on CAL suites as the Office Productivity CALs gaining similar rises.  Windows E3 will also be subject to price rises. The current rise are forecast to come into effect in October 2018.

As the price increases are three months away this gives customers the opportunity to procure any requirements before price increase. This also gives the opportunity to validate their current estate requirements before the increase to ensure there is no panic buying of products under the threat of a cost increase. License Dashboard would recommend that customers do not bulk buy licenses just because the price is going up looking to save money.

The notice period gives the opportunity to conduct reviews of their current deployment position against entitlement to ensure any investment made is required.  If licenses are procured without the understanding of requirement this would be a waste of investment for licensing which may not be fit for purpose for future plans.

License Dashboard can provide both reviews of the current deployment compared to current licensing held and following this reconciliation can work with customers to formulate a future strategy to ensure any investment made will be utilised within their IT strategy.

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Ben Simpson

Ben Simpson

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