What is SAM to me? Finance and Procurement teams

In this next post on our SAM blog, we look at what SAM means to the Finance and Procurement departments. These guys are significantly impacted by what goes on with SAM, but traditionally it is not something they have tended to get involved in. This is changing fast, in fact about 1/3 of the conversations we’ve had with new customers in the last few years have involved, or have even been initiated by, procurement.

So what’s in it for them?

Finance and Procurement are responsible for the bottom line; therefore they should take a very keen interest in SAM – especially when it is estimated that most organisations overspend on software by 20%! SAM ultimately means savings to Finance and Procurement teams.

What more could they ask for? Effective SAM can save thousands by ensuring no unnecessary software licenses are purchased. This is achieved by the team responsible for managing SAM optimizing the organizations software usage through implementing SAM procedures, such as software re-harvesting and device end of life management. Organizations with a more mature SAM programme may also have approval procedures in place to ensure no software is purchased until it has been agreed by a chosen chain of stakeholders. 

But wait, there’s more. The team specializes in managing the companies money so the last thing finance and procurement would like are surprises in their budgets or unwanted worries if an auditor comes in – SAM should be viewed in this light too. Without SAM, software costs can be worryingly unpredictable, causing bigger headaches for the folks in finance. With effective SAM in place you can more accurately predict your software costs meaning budgets can be forecast more accurately.

With this is mind, SAM should be pretty high on the agenda of Finance and Procurement teams.

Has SAM ever crossed the radar of those in Finance and Procurement in your organisation? Do you think they should take an interest? If you want to talk more about SAM for Finance and Procurement, please get in touch. After all SAM is about balancing the equation of software spend with software needs throughout the whole organisation.

Ben Eagling

Ben Eagling

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