Why License Dashboard Is My Number One Choice

License Dashboard License Manager has been, and will always be, the best license management system on the market. When it comes to managing software licenses, it’s simply leagues ahead of the rest – and I have the evidence to prove it.

Following my three-year absence from License Dashboard, where I was given unrestricted access to all other competitive solutions, I can now say with great confidence that License Dashboard’s powerful license management tools are better than the rest. Having been involved in hundreds of projects using competitive tools, there is no doubt that the only tool that I would use to manage a customer’s complex licensing requirements is License Dashboard License Manager. Here are just a few reasons why:

Contract Clarity

Although many license-use-rights are black and white, contract negotiations will certainly introduce concessions to restrictions that lead to definite shades of grey. Simply trusting the rights derived from a SKU is insufficient and will definitely lead to misrepresentation. More importantly, valuable benefits that were negotiated by the business, are certainly going to be lost and, consequently, lead to unnecessary spending on license use rights the organization doesn’t need.

License Dashboard License Manager, fortunately, ensures that SKUs, Contract terms, and benefits achieved are considered when reconciling the organization’s license use rights; not just the SKUs. For example, if the generic SKU rights enforce a specific condition, but the contract allows an extension or variation to those rights, then both of these should be incorporated into the reconciliation.

During one project I was engaged with, the competitive platform reconciled the vendor’s rights solely on SKUs purchased but failed to consider the 24 concessions negotiated by the sourcing team. This lead to the SAM tool incorrectly reporting a £3million deficit, when actually they had surplus licenses.

Every other tool I have worked with fails to manage these concessions correctly.

Locating Proof of Entitlement

Due to a historical lack of SAM processes, most customers’ proof of entitlement (purchase acknowledgements) are difficult to locate, with most being lost, incomplete or not valid. Consequently, there are significant problems when trying to upload mandatory data into any SAM tool; if the data does not conform with the tool’s prerequisite, then the SAM project stalls until someone has filled in the gaps.

Filling these gaps can be very time consuming and, therefore, it is important that you select a tool (or service) that can improve the quality of all license evidence by turning sub-standard data records into valid license evidence. License Dashboard License Manager can cleanse substandard records and process these into valid proof of entitlement.

Without this capability or service, the customer’s SAM project is likely to fail or understate its true license position.

The Reality of Data Center & Virtualization

License Manager’s primary function is to effectively manage license allocation to complex server environments, one that other tools in my experience cannot deliver.

Most SAM tools have the capability to discover server environments, with some being able to correctly report the consumption against the correct license metric, however, most are not able to provide a comprehensive visualization of the environment and, more importantly, none are able to manage the allocation of license entitlement based on the dynamic resource scheduling configuration.

As server virtualization continues to go from strength to strength, the need to be able to manage and optimize license use rights has now become even more critical, particularly since this technology can now be provisioned outside company domains in highly functional Cloud based data centers. For years, SAM tools have proclaimed that they are able to discover these environments, creating inventories and reporting the guest and host assignment, but nearly all have struggled to manage fluidity of license allocation caused by these highly dynamic environments.

As a consequence, organizations have become solely reliant on these tools to provide the answer, but all fail to deliver because they cannot effectively visualize the environment and don’t discover the dynamic resourcing elements required to correctly allocate licenses.

This is not the case with License Dashboard. The virtualization functionality within our tool has been available for more than seven years and I was absolutely shocked to learn that most tools are unable to manage this core requirement effectively and that most virtual server environments are incorrectly licensed.

License Dashboard License Manager interfaces directly into the Hypervisor consoles and can extract all the relevant information required to enable the business to fully understand and visualize the entire virtual landscape. With a true ‘birds-eye’ view of the entire estate, License Dashboard License Manager is clearly able to illustrate the relations between physical hosts and a guest whilst normalizing the software discovered on each instance. Not only are we able to understand the relationships, but more importantly, we can enable dynamic resourcing allocation configurations for each cluster or data center. This function allows our product to recognize instances where guests are permitted to migrate across multiple hosts and, subsequently, report the license use rights required to authorize this transaction. In addition, the end user is alerted to any violations caused by insufficient or incorrect license rights.

License Dashboard License Manager can also optimize and automate the allocation of license use rights based on how the dynamic resource allocation is configured and how the physical compute (i.e. CPU and memory) is being consumed in each data center. This ensures that all software deployed on the guests are correctly licensed and spend is kept to a minimum.

As virtualization is very much here to stay, and as more and more hybrid environments are rapidly provisioned, the need to implement a solution to manage this complex technology is paramount.

Effective Enterprise Management

Most organizations have a requirement to manage multiple purchasing and compliance entities across multiple countries, however, most SAM tools fail to manage the distribution of license use rights effectively across these borders. With many vendors now restricting where and how the software can be used in organizations, it is imperative that all SAM and license management tools enforce border protection, preventing illegal migration of rights. For example, some rights are limited by Country of Use, therefore, the tool must safeguard the allocation of entitlement based on these restrictions. To allow entitlement purchased in one country to be used in another could lead to significant compliance issues.

Out of the box, License Dashboard License Manager has the functionality to prevent illegal migration of rights and provides a comprehensive protection of the allocation of entitlements across multiple administrative purchasing boundaries.

License Dashboard License Manager: Leagues Ahead

Providing advanced licensing automation, and speeding up day-to-day tasks for software asset managers, License Manager far surpasses the current market standard. As IT environments change and evolve, and the demands a SAM solution must meet grow greater and more complex, and it’s for this reason I know I’m working with the best.

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Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson

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