Flexible SAM for a Changeable World

As the past few months has demonstrated, organizations need technologies in place that are flexible to cope with a change in circumstance, in fact during the global pandemic, this kind of technology has been critical in enabling these companies to push forward. Organizations from all industries have adopted lean, flexible business practices to respond to demands of the changing working environment, but can Software Asset Management do the same?

Applying an agile approach to a SAM service allows for switching priorities as new issues or challenges arise. Enabling the Agile SAM approach removes the practice of vendor-wide effective license positions (ELPs) on a regular basis, focusing instead on bite-sized services, each with an associated point-value. By understanding which areas need to be worked on, SAM activities can be stepped-up, or dialled-back as and when they need to be – for example, IT infrastructure may have been a priority a couple of months ago so the cost of a flexible SAM service would have decreased while teams were busy with deployment projects, but then when SAM Managers and IT need to understand exactly what it being utilized across the organization, project support is increased to ensure compliance and negate overspend.

Why flexible Software Asset Management?

Historically, a SAM Managed Service provides an organization with regular ELPs for the whole of the IT estate. While different vendors will be separated out, this still encompasses each vendor, several reports and (depending on SAM team size) leaves little room to action each recommendation made by the Managed Service Provider.

Stepping away from this ridged approach allows organizations to truly action the points raised and start making positive changes within the IT environment. As priorities change, so should the SAM service, and organizations need to be able to choose the areas that need focus first. With an agile approach, this tactic isn’t solely for SAM teams. Working alongside a SAM consultant, Procurement, HR, C-level and security can request information that is relevant to them.

A SAM service that revolves around you

Having a clear and continuous view of what needs to be done ensures an organization remains compliant and saves money while moving forward.

Just like a flexible SAM service, The ITAM Review has adapted:  Their 2020 Wisdom conference is now a virtual event, and License Dashboard is delighted to be a silver partner. For more information on an Agile approach to Software Asset Management, join our session on day two.

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Ben Murden

Ben Murden

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