Spotlight on Women in Tech: Nicola Adams of Phoenix Software

  • At License Dashboard we are, and always have been passionate about creating and maintaining a diverse place of work. One of our employees has been working with the Women in Technology Community by building a space where women can support each other, share advice and work to narrow the gender gap.

We asked some esteemed women within the IT industry to tell us a bit about their experiences within the workplace, here’s what Nicola Adams from Phoenix Software had to say:

When did you first start in the IT industry and what drew you to it?

I started out in IT in 2011 I was hired as an IT procurement officer at the NHS however within a few months I was lucky enough to have been offered the chance to learn about software licensing and take a lead role managing and maintain software and hardware assets. I had no knowledge at this point so jumped at the chance to learn something new and become part of the journey the team were taking on implementing a new tool, organizing their assets and sharing knowledge throughout the team to improve not only internally but improve the service we gave to our customers.

As a woman, have you faced any challenges within working environments?

I have been very lucky not to have faced challenges as a woman within working environments.

It’s now well known that a lot of industries have been highlighted due to pay gaps between men and women, do you think this is the same within the IT industry?

My personal experience has always been that pay has been based on knowledge not gender.

In recent years there has been an influx of women in all workplaces, but it’s not equal to men, I read somewhere that men are 30% more likely to be promoted to a managerial position than women.

Why do you think this is and what can organizations do to prevent discrimination and maintain equality when looking at hiring, salaries and promotions?

I think this is just simply the way things have been, however things are changing and there are more women in the workplace now which is great obviously. All I’d ask from an organisation is to base their choices on the things that matter, the person themselves, what they can bring to the business and how they will impact the business. Take away gender and focus on the person.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt as a woman in technology?

Being a woman within the IT industry is liberating – showing that I am just as capable and knowledgeable I have the right to be here, setting an example for my nieces showing that gender does not matter if you want it you can achieve it.

Being a woman within the IT industry is liberating.

What is your favourite part of working in the IT industry?

The industry is forever growing and changing with this bring the opportunity to grow as a professional. I adore my job being part of a journey both with the organisation and a customer. The IT industry gives me an opportunity to be me and I’m extremely happy and proud to be part of it.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to women starting out in the IT industry?

Do not let being a woman stop you. Something has led you to IT, you’re in IT for a reason, embrace it and most of all believe in yourself. Be yourself, let your knowledge shine and always look for more to learn. Keep calm & Remain true to you 😊

Something has led you to IT, you’re in IT for a reason, embrace it and most of all believe in yourself.

License Dashboard’s spotlight on Women in Technology

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