Your IT Asset Management Challenges for 2020

What Software Asset Management challenges are you currently facing and how will changes to your IT strategy shape your ITAM priorities going into the future? With change being the only constant in software and licensing, we understand that IT Asset Managers are constantly striving to stay on top of their IT estates. Our 2019 ITAM Community Survey aims to benchmark the current experiences of IT Asset Managers across the globe and establish an understanding of the industry’s requirements and expectations in 2020.

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Many organizations are now far ahead with their transition to modern workplace IT, with Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud prevalent across every industry, and Cloud platforms driving digital transformation strategies. The continued increase in mobile workers and user-based licensing has also led to changes in the way that Software Asset Managers track and manage their hardware and software. The huge increase in the availability and convenience of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has also caused a real headache for IT teams as they attempt to keep control of the software that is purchased and installed on their networks or accessed purely through an internet browser.

SAM Focus in 2019

Keeping control of software spend, discovering shadow IT, and reducing application sprawl have all continued as major priorities for organizations in 2019. Tracking and managing Cloud and SaaS applications is now also a must for many businesses. As well as these optimization activities, all IT Asset Managers know that the real foundations of this work are still based in licensing compliance calculations and that in order to achieve any meaningful positive change, a full understanding of the licensing position for the major deployments in an IT estate must be in place.

As well as the organizations with established SAM teams, many businesses at present will also be taking their first steps into implementing an effective Software Asset Management program. Discovering and understanding the software deployed across an IT estate and establishing a methodology for capturing and logging entitlement data are the priorities here, with work to establish any quick wins in terms of reducing software spend or mitigating compliance risk, the desired outcome before the SAM program becomes a business as usual process.

Often, these businesses are experiencing rapid growth, and will come to a point where they are at significant risk of software licensing overspend or a compliance shortfall. This is when the requirement for an effective SAM solution is realized, especially if this coincides with an occurrence such as a vendor compliance audit or a large renewal negotiation with a major vendor.

SAM’s continued struggle to achieve true buy-in

Another major challenge that ITAM professionals regularly experience is difficulties in obtaining C-Level support or stakeholder buy-in from the rest of the business. The value and importance of an effective SAM program is well-known, but when faced with competing priorities in the business, it can often go under-appreciated by senior execs. This has a knock-on effect when investment is needed or when a change to the IT infrastructure is required to reduced cost or mitigate risk.

Although we continue to see SAM grow as a priority in many organizations, and even become a star function in certain companies, this is still a real challenge heading into 2020 for many. SAM technology and service providers must support their customers in overcoming this obstacle in order to fully realize the benefits of implementing a SAM program.

Understanding priorities in ITAM as a business goal

With these challenges in mind, as well as a plethora or licensing changes, product retirements, end-of-support announcements, and new product releases, License Dashboard is keen to understand the top priorities of ITAM professionals across all industries around the world. The 2019 ITAM Community Survey is now available, with all participants in with the chance of winning a fantastic connected home bundle including an Amazon Alexa, smart plug, light bulb and speaker.

The survey will take less than ten minutes to complete. Please click below to complete the survey.

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