Choosing the Right SAM Solution

In-House vs Managed SAM

Once an organization has made the decision to implement a SAM solution, they must decide how, and who, is going to carry out the work. There are two main approaches to this; purchasing and using a license management solution in-house, or contracting a third party (either a software reseller, specialist SAM consultancy or SAM vendor) to do all of the work for you. A third option – a hybrid of both approaches – is also proving to be a popular way of getting the best of both worlds.

So which SAM solution do you choose?

Naturally every organization’s’ needs and motivations are different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach and no ‘single solution’ for a particular type of organization.

License Dashboard has written this white paper to help you understand the relative advantages of in-house vs. managed service vs. hybrid SAM so that you can choose the most appropriate solution for your needs