ServiceNow and SAM

ServiceNow and SAM

Visibility and control of all your global IT assets through a single portal

ServiceNow leads the way in Enterprise Service Management and has revolutionized how an enterprise manages service requests and innovation.

License Dashboard Support

With ServiceNow, an enterprise can consolidate all of their internal systems into a central portal with one database and one record for everyone to work from. It therefore makes sense to also centralize an enterprise’s software install, usage and entitlement data into ServiceNow.

ServiceNow and SAM helps streamline how IT, Finance and Procurement work together to make informed decisions.

Enable Software License Management through ServiceNow

And take the transactional tasks out of a time-consuming exercise

Having a consolidated view of your software liability and entitlement through ServiceNow is a smart objective; but collecting, consolidating and reconciling the data must be done outside of ServiceNow, and takes time.

License Dashboard and its authorized partners provide world-class Software License Management services that turn your raw data into meaningful and useful intelligence, which can be uploaded into ServiceNow.

This not only provides the desired single view, but also takes the transactional tasks away from your teams leaving them free to focus on delivering a great service across the enterprise.

How the ServiceNow SAM integration works

We’ll take on the time-consuming license management tasks by collecting and normalising your hardware, software and virtual infrastructure from over 70 asset management/discovery solutions (e.g SCCM, Oracle, IBM) and reconciling it with your procurement records to produce the following:

  • Hardware Inventory
  • Software Inventory
  • License Entitlement
  • Compliance Position

We then upload this information to a web service enabling the data to be mapped to the corresponding data sets in ServiceNow.