Dashboard Discovery

A Comprehensive Network Inventory Solution

Discovery from License Dashboard tracks all IT assets deployed across your organization. Whether the aim is to take control of software licensing, drive down IT costs or ensure that projects are brought in on time and under budget, Discovery provides a baseline of asset information across the entire network.

License Dashboard is capable of multi-platform discovery across Unix, Linux and Windows networks.

A lightweight, fully-featured network inventory solution, License Dashboard Discovery is designed to track and audit all PCs and Servers across the network, delivering both hardware and software audit information.

Rapid Deployment

Full Inventory Collection

Selected Software Metering

Dashboard Discovery provides insight into your IT environment, giving all stakeholders the information they need

“I can make better informed decisions based on consumption data.” – Organizational Management

“If I understand which assets need to be renewed, I know where I can save money.” – Finance Manager

“I can mitigate any risks associated with security or vendor audits.” – IT Manager

“By knowing what software is being utilized, I know what needs to be licensed.” – SAM Manager

Detailed network inventory information the way you want

Dashboard Discovery offers full hardware and software inventory using either client Agents or Agent-less auditing technologies.

It sits on the desktop or server and collects critical hardware and software information, ready to be quickly deployed either from the administration console or via your organization’s preferred application deployment solution. We’ve combined Agent-based with Agent-less audits on the same network, using agents where it is preferable to do so and avoiding deploying agents to particularly sensitive parts of the network.

  • Improve your overall compliance position – Track installations across PCs and Servers and how often they are used via License Manager and make informed decisions about when to remove and redeploy licenses.
  • Save time and resource within IT – Targeted application tracking minimizes overhead on both individual machines and your network by tracking only the applications you are most interested in.
  • Enhance your existing network inventory solution – Dashboard Discovery’s metering only functionality complements your existing audit data with detailed usage information for better visibility.

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