On Premise

Software Asset Management Platform

We realize that a fully Managed Service may not be an option for all organizations due to cultural, technical or security constraints. By choosing our on-premise software asset management platform, License Manager, you are assured of the best-in-class technology for all key stakeholders.

Optimize software license usage and save up to 20%

Respond instantly to audit request and avoid non compliance

Effectively manage procurement and support contacts

Why choose our Software Asset Management Platform?

The License Dashboard Platform can connect to over 60 popular inventory tools.  And, if you have a bespoke discovery tool in place, we will build you a new connector – there’s no need to rip and replace what you already use.

Import, validate and cleanse
Our flagship product comprises interfaces for the administration of software license management, and reporting tools for business managers across your organization. It calculates downgrade and cross-grade rights according to purchased items by automatically importing, validating and cleansing license entitlements from multiple sources, including any inventory solution.

Access to over 100 out-of-the-box reports including software installations, licensing position, excess costs and contract renewals.

Automatic best-fit reconciliation
Thanks to a comprehensive, and continually updated, database of licensing rules for more than 9,000 software vendors, our platform understands the usage terms associated with over 44,000 commercial applications and applies them both automatically and intelligently.

After reconciliation, your organization is in a more advantageous licensing position (e.g. for reducing spend and negotiating new contracts).

Mobile reporting at your fingertips
License Dashboard has revolutionized the output of our software asset management platform by creating License Dashboard Portal. With just a few clicks and swipes, your organization’s stakeholders can reach any report, anytime.

With a clear, intuitive look and feel, License Dashboard Portal makes reports easy to navigate revealing key insight in moments.

Will an On-Premise SAM Platform work for you?

License Manager alone cannot guarantee the success of your organization’s SAM program. In order to stay up-to-date with licensing changes and daily administration, our software asset management platform should be managed by a team of skilled professionals:

1. SAM Manager

With full understanding of your organization’s business goals, the SAM Manger will analyse the software consumption data and license entitlements with the License Manager Platform to ensure compliance.

2. Technical ITAM Specialist

To make sure all data is being monitored by the discovery tool, the Technical ITAM Specialist will analyse the output for discrepancies while identifying opportunities for improvement in the software environment.

3. Licensing Expert

Licensing rules change with every software upgraded and with every new technology added. Without a full-time licensing expert, it is near impossible to stay ahead of these changes and remain compliant.

Book an assessment to find out if our on-premise software asset management platform will work for you.