License Dashboard API

Retrieve and share ITAM data with the License Manager API

The act of storing large amounts of information for analysis is ages old, but with the amount of big data being generated, stored and growing exponentially day by day, there is a greater importance for your organization to have a solution to track, monitor and share consumed data.

Tailored system for custom analysis and sharing

Access to multiple data audit sets

Transfer of quality data across any device

“The License Dashboard platform collects, reconciles and tracks all our SAM data then the License Manager API allows me to transfer that valuable compliance position information into various systems. I can easily manage our change and software request workflows with confidence.”– IT Manager

The simple, effective way to share ITAM data

More than systems and software, ITAM data includes storage, the network, all devices and software applications. Utilizing industry standard RESTful web interface, the License Manager API is accessible from any software or device, both locally or through the internet. Any third party solution can access License Manager securely, before feeding the information into the desired platform.

  • Retrieve and share ITAM data through any platform
  • Enjoy consistent ITAM data transfer
  • Trust in information quality control

As APIs can be complex, License Dashboard provides full, interactive documentation that ensures you understand how to pull the correct datasets, access the web interface, and execute the correct calls.

Need more information around License Dashboard’s License Manager API?
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