Data Navigator

An Agile Software License Management Solution

Data Navigator is our software license management solution designed to maximize your organization’s investment across multiple IT Inventory and Discovery tools.

Connect to any existing data source

Automated data normalization and recognition

Scheduled data collection

Data Navigator’s platform allows License Dashboard to deliver a solution aligned to your specific ITAM and business objectives.

“It’s relieved the strain on our internal resources in trying to obtain better quality ITAM and SAM data. Data Navigator has refined our IT spend by tracking the lifecycle of data; extracting, consolidating and normalizing our company’s software license data.” – SAM Manager

Collecting Software License Big Data

Establishing your organization’s effective license position is a time consuming task. Collecting all the software license Big Data, Data Navigator cuts out a huge portion of the manual process by normalizing the information and producing a readable, actionable output.

Connecting to License Manager or any ITSM tool on the market, Software Asset Managers, and their IT Departments can fully understand what is deployed across the network, and what needs to be protected. A software license management solution that offers visibility and security.

  • Save time and resource within IT
    – By automatically gathering, sorting and normalizing relevant data, Data Navigator helps you proactively
  • Discover and protect your entire IT landscape – You can’t protect what you don’t know you have and so by gaining visibility of your entire IT estate, you can better plan and secure your assets
  • Optimize your ITSM investment – By centralizing accurate and up-to-date hardware and software records, your asset lifecycle management is enhanced, and you are more informed of your environment’s complexity.

For more information, read our datasheet.