Software Usage Monitoring to Reduce Software Spend and Manage IT Projects

License Dashboard Portal enables organizations to reduce their software spend and make more informed IT procurement decisions by transforming IT Asset Management data into intuitive business insights.

By using dashboards, charts and reports, License Dashboard Portal presents complex SAM data in an easy-to-understand BI format, suitable for the wider IT team, senior management and the C-Suite. Accessible from all common device types, License Dashboard Portal enables role-based access to a wealth of SAM information, empowering stakeholders and benefitting your entire organization.

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Transform ITAM data into meaningful insights

Encouraging stakeholders outside of the SAM team to adhere to Software Asset Management processes and utilize the wealth of software deployment and licensing data available within an organization is a major challenge for ITAM leaders. LD Portal presents that data in clear visualizations, all of which are customizable to specific job roles, departments and business units. This gives digital stakeholders across IT, Procurement and Financial job roles the information and insight they need to make more informed decisions, leading to cost savings and a reduction of licensing compliance risk.

Track and monitor SaaS and Cloud usage

License Dashboard Portal’s Azure Billing app is designed to keep you fully up-to-date  with all Azure usage and billing, including alerts for any service overage. Users are also able to view Microsoft Office 365 subscription monitoring, displaying all assigned and unassigned subscriptions. Users can track their total monthly cost and have visibility of any monthly surplus cost due to unassigned subscriptions. Visibility of this data is available at an estate and individual product level.

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Fully customizable workspaces

Accessible through any device

Identify improvements for your IT network and track IT projects

LD Portal users can track and monitor change to their IT estate, which provides insight and guidance on projects such as operating system adoption or the migration from physical to virtual servers or shifting workloads to the cloud. Users of LD Portal are also able to monitor which applications are being used, by who, and to view whether multiple different applications are being used for the same task, enabling them to cut costs and streamline IT.

Easily track and manage software renewal dates

Software renewal and maintenance dashboards allow users to easily track upcoming renewal dates and ensure agreements are only renewed if required and with the most cost-efficient and optimized licensing in place. Managing software renewals dates with no platform in place is a difficult and manual process, LD Portal presents all the information required for digital stakeholders to keep track of their investments.

Find unused applications and duplicated software

LD Portal visualizes software usage monitoring and presents easy-to-understand charts of software product categories. This allows a user to quickly identify which applications are not in use or are significantly under-used, and where an organization has multiple different software products in the same category. Application rationalization is a huge cost saver for businesses, LD Portal powers decision making with all the information required at a glance to streamline your software.

Create your own custom reports on any device

LD Portal is a web-based platform, customizable so that individual users are presented with only the information relevant to their job role or department. Available across desktop and mobile devices, LD Portal also features a Self-Service area where users can create and save their own BI dashboards utilizing any dimension of data they require. Immediate and detailed insights into Effective License Position, software utilization, entitlement and procurement records are now available throughout your organization at your fingertips.