License Dashboard Portal

Flexible, accessible software usage monitoring

License Dashboard Portal helps organizations share software usage monitoring information across business departments without having to deploy additional desktop applications.

You can now optimize the value of data collated and held across the different products within the License Dashboard Platform. Furthermore, License Dashboard Portal makes your data accessible and meaningful to any business unit/ department involved in the SAM process.

Azure Billing Dashboard

Introducing our new LDP App designed to keep you fully up to date with all Azure usage and billing, including alerts for any service overage. A hugely important addition to our current Apps and reports within LDP that offer full visibility of your compliance and usage for your entire estate within a single centralized view; all enabled by our platform’s ability to consolidate discovery data from multiple sources in one place.

Key Features

  • Monitor Your Azure Cloud applications with LD Portal
  • Report Azure platform consumption
  • Manipulate data and save customized reports
  • Monthly trends / consumption analysis
  • See complex Cloud usage in a single unified view

Sharing through Qlik Sense technology

Fully customizable workspaces

Accessible through any device

The case for implementing a SAM program is already strong, with the potential to shave up to 30% off your software spend in the first year, but driving maturity comes from gaining the interest of key stakeholders.

“By monitoring software usage, I can see who is using what, and where licenses are needed. I can proactively manage software risk and be prepared for vendor audits.” – SAM Manager

“Knowing what is deployed across my estate and where, helps me to support and control security management policies and protect all assets.” – IT Manager

“I can reduce IT spend if I know what’s in use – I can renew or re-harvest licenses accordingly.” – Finance Manager

“Visibility of consumption data means I can make better informed business decisions.” – Organizational Management

Software usage monitoring with bespoke, tailored reporting

Accessible from all common device types, License Dashboard Portal enables role-based access to a wealth of SAM information, empowering stakeholders and benefitting your entire organization.

Using Qlik technology we have built an intuitive reporting app offering a high level estate overview with the ability to drill down into specifics around SAM areas such as devices, servers, and BYOD. Stakeholders can personalize their own workspace to see a more detailed level of reporting that’s most relevant to them.

  • Real time information at your fingertips – Providing immediate, detailed insight into Effective License Position, software utilization, entitlement and procurement record reporting throughout your organization.
  • Customized workspaces and reports – Intuitive reporting using the information collated and aggregated by Data Navigator and optimized in License Managr, License Dashboard Portal uses standard personas to report by business unit or region.
  • Clear return on investment – Track and control your organization’s IT estate in order to improve budgeting and strategic planning, and optimize vendor negotiations while proactively managing risk and compliance.

For more information, read our datasheet.