Software Asset Management Services with License Dashboard

License Dashboard has been helping organizations take control of their software assets for fifteen years. Our SAM managed services have evolved with our customers’ requirements, having completed over 1500 SAM projects, saving customers up to 30% on their overall software spend.

Our managed services can be up and running in days, not months, so rather than waiting for an audit request from a vendor, we can highlight potential risks, confirm devices and products are being efficiently consumed and quickly improve ROI on purchasing decisions as well as optimizing software spend in your on-premise, virtual and cloud software environments.

Maximize Resource Efficiency For Better Results More Quickly

Minimize Implementation, Maintenance and Training Costs

Proactively Manage and Control Software Compliance Risk

Through a License Dashboard powered Managed Service, over £500k of shortfall was discovered for Microsoft within one of our customer's estates. However, utilizing the intelligence within License Manager, £250k of this risk was managed out of the estate through SAM best practice and fixing deployment issues. Through metering, affinity rules and leveraging different license metrics, License Dashboard reduced the remaining £250k shortfall to £100k. - Managing shortfall in your licensing renewal

SAM Essentials

Three Steps to Effective Software Asset Management

SAM Essentials gives your organization access to a leading software asset management product and service with continued support. Designed for small to mid-size organizations of up to 4,000 employees, SAM Essentials combines access to our leading License Manager tool on-premise with managed service support for your selected key vendors.

This ensures your SAM program is implemented quickly and effectively with a fast return on investment, but also allows your own team to develop internal SAM processes and operate the Software Asset Management tool with continued service and support from License Dashboard.

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  • License Manager installed and configured by our technical experts
  • Your key vendors managed by our SAM consultants
  • Complete control to manage your software licenses

SAM Agile

Software Asset Management for The Modern Enterprise

SAM Agile is the only flexible Software Asset Management managed service to meet the changeable requirements of your enterprise organization. For your organization to reduce software procurement costs, optimize software utilization and reduce risk of non-compliance in the event of a software audit an effective SAM program is required.

SAM Agile ensures your enterprise organization can achieve all this by introducing a flexible service that easily adapts to changing requirements and ensures that value is optimized throughout the delivery process and, consequently, savings are recognized and banked quickly. SAM Agile delivers the core outcomes of a SAM Managed service, but more importantly, introduces incremental Sprints which will allow License Dashboard to deliver key business outcomes as and when your organization requires them, rather than being held to a fixed managed service schedule that does not allow for change caused by volatile demands made by the business.

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  • Manage your enterprise IT infrastructure on a flexible, agile basis
  • Operate your SAM program in monthly sprints to suit your business needs
  • Reduce software procurement costs, optimize software utilization and reduce risk of non-compliance

AWS Optimization Service

Control and Optimize Your Cloud Spend

License Dashboard can help you to drive efficiency through your cloud strategy with a Managed Service to ensure your spend on AWS is fully optimized to your organization. Consuming AWS is straightforward, managing it efficiently is not. An AWS bill can have hundreds of lines and everyone from the engineering teams through to the finance teams have to try and unpick who is doing what and compare it back to an original budget.

If you are using AWS, you are likely spending more than necessary. With License Dashboard, you could save a minimum of 10% by the time your next bill is generated. We’ll pull millions of data points from your AWS accounts to indicate where your budget is being spent and highlight potential inefficiencies. We’ll review your cloud security too, so you can see the true picture emerge.

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  • Take control of your AWS spend and save up to 10% by your next bill date
  • Gain full visibilityand control over the public cloud
  • Receive support from License Dashboard cloud experts to build your AWS strategy

Software Recognition Service

Build a Meaningful Software List to Ensure Fully Accurate SAM Management

License Dashboard’s Software Recognition Service is often the foundation of any organization’s effective SAM program. Software is categorized by our global team of data analysts with unrecognized files and applications matched, normalized and classified by our experts.

This ensures a single and truthful version of your software inventory is understood, filtering out the background noise and taking away time-consuming data-cleanse work from your team.

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  • Save time investigating and reconciling raw data
  • Ensure correct inventory results and automatically recognize installed software
  • Filter out this background noise from your licensable estate

Software Optimization Service

Improve the Way Your Organization Buys Microsoft Software

License Dashboard’s team of expert Microsoft licensing consultants will analyse and optimize your current and future Microsoft licensing strategy, providing a comprehensively documented roadmap ensure your Microsoft software procurement is fully effective. This allows you to accurately predict your annual software spend, rapidly reducing costs and improving efficiency as well as ensuring licensing compliance.

Have the confidence that you are getting the best deal for your Microsoft software licenses.

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  • Increase confidence in your Microsoft procurement strategy
  • Understand current licence entitlements and offer a range of licence entitlement services ranging from a full software audit to a licence roadmap
  • Conduct complex cost modelling which will provide definitive long term costs for your Microsoft licensing strategy