SAM Services

Software Asset Management Services with License Dashboard

Managing licenses and implementing SAM isn’t easy, so License Dashboard supports its core technologies with expert software asset management services delivered by a global team of License Dashboard and partner specialists with unparalleled software licensing know-how.

From initial configuration and implementation, through to a fully-managed software asset management program, we’re here to help – whether that means us setting you up to run your own initiative, or you handing over all the hard work to us!

Software License Management Service

Whether you decide to completely outsource your software license management, or set up remote network access, our Managed Service takes on the complicated, time consuming software license management tasks at three dedicated levels:

A one-off ELP report to provide full visibility of your software estate

Regular management reports to proactively manage your network

A dedicated account team to free up your internal IT resources


Implement governance and control when faced with discovering what assets are deployed across your IT landscape with our AssetSync service. Reconciled and normalized inventory data is fed back into your chosen ITSM tool ready to assist with internal processes.

View your IT environment’s exact architecture

Understand what is installed across your network

Data is automatically enriched for your ITSM tool’s use

License Cleanse

Overcome poor historic record keeping and insufficient license documentation with License Dashboard’s unique License Cleanse service. Submit your data and find out what applications and suites have been purchased as well as their licensing constraints.

Managed by a License Cleanse team with years of licensing and auditing experience

Dramatically accelerate your organization’s license import and reconciliation process

Create a comprehensive Effective License Position (ELP) no matter the starting point

Data Cleanse

For organizations struggling to understand what applications are deployed across their IT estate, License Dashboard’s Data Cleanse Service can make sense of the mass of data gathered by your inventory solution(s).




Core and Enterprise Reports

Our bespoke, dedicated software asset management services assist in an ad-hoc or managed service basis to help you take control of specific enterprise software:

Make sense of the multiple products available and the mechanisms to access and deploy them

Clarify the complex software licensing metrics associated with your software vendors

Mitigate non-compliance and unbudgeted software spend

IT Service Management Integration

ITSM has revolutionized how an enterprise manages service requests. This, coupled with your SAM data, means you’ve got a single portal with a full view of your IT asset information.

Collect your hardware, software and virtual infrastructure data, then start the time-consuming normalization and reconciliation tasks

Receive your hardware and software inventory, license entitlement and compliance position

When uploaded to the web service, data can be mapped to the corresponding data sets into any ITSM solution