Configure, Optimize and Maintain Your Workloads in the Cloud

Today many of our customers are operating in a hybrid environment with services and workloads being run both On Premise and in the cloud. On top of our SaaS Management Platfom, License Dashboard offers a full end-to-end cloud managed service across multiple environments. Our service is based on leading cloud and SaaS management technology combined with our experts in cloud management and licensing.

As organizations move workloads and services to the cloud, ensuring these operate efficiently and deliver a great user experience whilst interacting with On Premise workloads is critical to success. License Dashboard’s cloud transformation experience allows us to ensure positive results and helps avoid common pitfalls.

Commitment from a managed cloud service

Our team of expert consultants will deliver ongoing management, configuration, security and 24x7x365 operations so that your team can focus on strategic projects rather than the daily management of your cloud.

Explore our SaaS Management Platform or contact License Dashboard to start making the most of your cloud investment today.