Our Software License Management Service

License Dashboard’s agile Managed Service is defined by the capture, interpretation and transformation of procurement and deployment data into a consistent usable form. This data is then used for the purposes of controlling or reducing the costs of procuring software, optimization of software utilization and reducing risks of non-compliance under vendor licencing programs.

The agile Managed Service provided by License Dashboard allows for flexibility or agility in respect of the actual point-in-time requirements of the customer organization. To align with our customers’ lean and agile business practices, each of the Managed Service’s elements have been identified and defined so that they can be selected individually on a frequency in line with the customer’s changing requirements.

License Dashboard has been helping organizations take control of their software assets for fifteen years. Our SAM managed services evolve with our customers, having completed over 1500 SAM projects, saving customers up to 30% on their overall software spend. Our Managed Service can be up and running in weeks, not months. So rather than waiting for an audit request from a vendor, we can highlight potential risks, confirm devices and products are being efficiently consumed and quickly improve ROI on purchasing decisions.

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