Software License Management Service

The agile Managed Service provided by License Dashboard allows for flexibility or agility in respect of the actual point-in-time requirements of the customer organization. To align with our customers’ lean and agile business practices, each of the Managed Service’s elements have been identified and defined so that they can be selected individually on a frequency in line with the customer’s changing requirements.

License Dashboard has been helping organizations take control of their software assets for fifteen years. Our SAM managed services evolve with our customers, having completed over 1500 SAM projects, saving customers up to 30% on their overall software spend. Our Managed Service can be up and running in weeks, not months. So rather than waiting for an audit request from a vendor, we can highlight potential risks, confirm devices and products are being efficiently consumed and quickly improve ROI on purchasing decisions.

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Maximize resource efficiency for better results more quickly

Minimize implementation, maintenance and staff training costs


Proactively manage and control software compliance risk

Software License Management your way

Our software license management service has been used across all industries, and we understand how IT security and data policies can differ, so we offer our Managed Service in two ways:

  • Complete Outsourcing

    Minimize your infrastructure and support costs by completely outsourcing the control and administration of your software license management.

  • Via Network Access

    Keep your data onsite and we’ll access your network remotely to complete the arduous administration activities associated with managing software licenses.

Our agile service means we can design a solution in keeping with your organization, working as extension of your IT team, seamlessly managing the IT assets deployed across your estate.

The three levels of our License Management Service

Receive a one-off Effective License Position (ELP) report and get complete visibility of your software estate, from what’s installed and being used, to what license entitlement you have.

You’ll understand exactly what is happening within your IT estate at that point in time, reducing the risk of non-compliance

Receive regular management reports and access to hundreds more online to maximize the value of your software assets by re-harvesting or removing licenses, and applying the best fit of your entitlement.

You can proactively manage your IT estate and prevent over-deployment of software and hardware.

Complete Outsourcing gives you a dedicated account team to take on the administrative tasks and free up time and resource internally.

You’ll be able to spend time improving processes, mitigating risk, and optimizing IT budget and planning.

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How does our License Management Service work?

Access to data
All of your discovery and license entitlement data can be periodically uploaded through our secure LMaaS agent, meaning you have one less thing to do!
Your compliance position
Once the data is available, our team will take on the reconciliation and auditing processes to produce your Effective License Position.
Reporting back
After your baseline has been created, you’ll be sent your management report, which we’ll walk you through and highlight any actions or considerations. You’ll also have access to hundreds of detailed online reports, including your latest management report.

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