The flexible Software Asset Management managed service

Software Asset Management for the Modern Enterprise

The unpredictability of today’s software industry calls for efficient, effective software license management without the rigid schedule that comes from a traditional SAM Managed service.

Your enterprise organization has adopted lean, flexible business practices to better respond to the volatile demands of the industry, and it’s about time your Software Asset Management service did the same.

Easily adapt to changing SAM requirements to deliver what you want, when you need it:

  • Target SAM priorities in a monthly sprint cycle depending on what’s required
  • React to unexpected demands without disrupting business-as-usual
  • Access leading SAM technology from expert SAM consultants

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Value Where You Need It

SAM Agile’s monthly sprints allow you to focus attention on areas likely to produce the most valuable cost saving or risk mitigation opportunities.

Eliminate Wasted Effort

Every activity completed within SAM Agile is focused on cost savings or risk mitigation, work is only carried out if it identified as a priority.

Flexibility in Your SAM Service

Adjust the intensity of your SAM program to match the requirements of your business. Increase and decrease activity through the year.

React to Unexpected Demands

Unforecasted activities, such as vendor audit defense, can be added to a current sprint at any time, the activity begins immediately.

Engage Internal Stakeholders

Stakeholders outside of the SAM team – Product Owners, Platform Managers etc – can now directly access services provided by SAM Agile.

Tie Value to Every Activity

Each Sprint Review details the value provided by every activity for either cost optimization or risk mitigation. Accurately measure ROI throughout.

How SAM Agile works

SAM Agile removes the practice of creating vendor-wide ELPs on a regular basis and instead replaces them with a series of bite-sized services, each with an associated point-value.

These services, known as ‘stories’, come with a clearly defined value and documented outcomes, and are designed to be completed inside a single month. With such a quick turnaround, and with such rapid results, a month’s activity is termed a ‘sprint’.

By using its bank of points, an organization can determine its SAM spend month-by-month, and in working with License Dashboard, it can identify the work required sprint-by-sprint, which can be based on the priority of each story from a cost optimization or risk mitigation viewpoint.




Why SAM Agile works

SAM Agile produces a series of actionable outcomes on a monthly basis, all of which have a business value pin-pointed against them. This allows your organization to accurately track the cost optimization or risk mitigation opportunities identified against every piece of work completed. We, as your provider, spend time working on things that are truly important, and you as the customer can tackle your main priorities, no matter how they change, at the best time through the year.

Reduce software procurement costs, optimize software utilization, and reduce risk with License Dashboard’s SAM Agile.

Structuring Your Agile Managed Service

All enterprise organizations are different, so why should every SAM managed service be the same?

SAM Agile is based on a core service which includes cleansing data, managing proof of entitlement, and license reconciliation to ensure that all required data is up-to-date and available to power the Managed Service. Building upon this foundation, License Dashboard then works with your organization to produce a list of priorities that will form the Demand Backlog of the Agile program.

This ensures your business has the essentials in place to enable licensing compliance and intelligent software procurement.

SAM Agile then informs your Software Asset Management team to meet the needs of your organization: Planning product- or vendor-specific activities in monthly sprints, allocating points to each activity, and operating on a tiered software publisher basis. Organizations can now work with License Dashboard to quickly scope a full year of SAM activity, with specific effort focussed on targeted activities throughout the year.


Sprint Planning

SAM Agile is flexible. This means a customer pays for the foundational core service, and is then charged per story when undertaking a sprint.

A sprint planning session will identify which stories are to be included in the following month. With each story having a predetermined point-value, an organization has control over how many points are consumed in a sprint, and so has control over spend every month.
As each story has a measured outcome in terms of cost optimization or risk mitigation, it is simple to calculate a return on investment for every point spent.

The flexibility of SAM Agile also makes it easy to switch focus to new priorities that may arise at short notice, like receiving notice of an audit from a major vendor. The sprint methodology’s adaptability means, an Enhanced ELP or Consultancy for this vendor can be added to the current sprint in real-time, with an outcome delivered within the month.