Three steps to Effective Software Asset Management with License Dashboard’s SAM Essentials

SAM Essentials provides your organization with full access to License Dashboard’s flagship SAM tool – License Manager – as well as a Managed Service for three, five, or ten of your key software vendors. Our SAM Consultants will work with your team to ensure quick onboarding and immediate management of your key software, as well as providing quarterly health checks so you can be sure your organization continues to make the most from its SAM investment.

SAM Essentials also provides a dedicated personal development plan for your organization’s nominated SAM Owner. The mentoring plan includes access to the LD Academy for SAM tool training and enrolment onto The ITAM Review’s LISA online licensing school. Your SAM team will receive industry recognized certifications as well as become self sufficient in Software Asset Management, enabling you to identify cost saving opportunities and mitigate against licensing compliance risks.

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Speed to Value

Rapid installation and enablement; start saving money in days not months

Risk & Optimization

Focus attention on areas likely to produce the most valuable cost saving or risk mitigation opportunities

Flexible Payments

Pay monthly and only pay for services that actually deliver value


Acquire all the skills and experience necessary to take full control of the organization’s SAM program; remove the reliance on costly third-party providers

Support & Guidance

Gain unlimited access to experienced specialists, ensuring you get the support as and when you need it

World Class Platform

Full access to License Dashboard’s powerful business tools, providing a comprehensive platform to manage, control and protect the company’s software assets

Gain industry recognized qualifications throughout your SAM Essentials subscription

As part of your SAM Essentials subscription we have created an on-going mentorship program that enables all License Dashboard customers to become a Software Asset Management expert. No matter what level a user begins, the Personal Development Plan will guide your SAM professionals through four qualifications:

Certified License Manager

Utilize the License Dashboard Academy to become a License Manager user expert.

SAM Analyst

Take the first steps in becoming a fully qualified Software Asset Manager by understanding the basic processes and first steps of setting up an effect Software Asset Management project.

SAM Specialist

Take the next steps in becoming a fully qualified Software Asset Manager by understanding relationship, contract and financial management as well as utilizing more advanced processes to take any SAM project to the next level.

SAM Practitioner

The final stage of the Personal Development Plan will ensure all customers can mange every aspect of a SAM project, from deployment through to optimization and understand how to protect all assets from becoming compromised.

Up to Date ISO Standards

The License Dashboard mentorship program has been created to align with up to date ISO standards to ensure our customers are practicing all processes related to IT assets. We have also teamed up with the ITAM Review to bring you LISA (Licensing, ITAM, SAM Academy), utilizing the recommended reading list, all customers will gain up to date licensing knowledge and qualifications.

Step One: Your Software Asset Management platform

Save up to 30% on software spend

Receive maximum ROI on software purchases with advanced licensing automation from License Manager. Our technology is installed and configured by License Dashboard experts, with our Consultant team then populating your License Manager system with the inventory and entitlement data of your chosen vendors.

  • Speed up time-consuming day-to-day SAM tasks
  • Calculate complicated license metrics
  • Manage software license accurately

Step Two: Get SAM up and running in days

Installation, onboarding, and operating in no time

Ensure your organization is up and running in days, not months with the help of the SAM Consultants at License Dashboard. Your dedicated consultant will manage your choice of three, five or ten major software vendors, producing quarterly reports of your Effective License Position. Your consultant will also perform a quarterly health check to ensure your users are correctly managing all of your vendors within License Manager, as well as evaluate performance against the user’s Personal Development Plan.

  • Upload and validate proof of entitlements
  • Complete a software inventory for key vendors
  • Consistent quarterly health checks

Step Three: Develop Your SAM Skills

Tailored personal development plan to build your SAM skills

Every SAM Essentials customer nominates a member of staff to become the owner for the organization’s SAM program. The extensive training and support provided by License Dashboard as a part of SAM Essentials allows the customer to select any member of staff, regardless of SAM experience.

  • Three-year mentorship program assessed quarterly by SAM Experts
  • Gain industry recognized qualifications
  • Become self-sufficient Software Asset Managers

SAM Essentials for any medium-sized business

SAM Essentials enables small, midsize, and large enterprises in a wide range of industry sectors to take control of their software licensing. License Dashboard has delivered thousands of successful SAM projects, so we understand that each customer could  require something different. We’ve introduced three levels of SAM Essentials to fit your needs.

Contact License Dashboard to view the full list of managed vendors applicable for SAM Essentials.



Additional SAM Essentials options

Additional vendors: Onboard additional vendors in line with business requirements.

Discovery tool: Dashboard Discovery and LD ScanWin for agent-based/agentless scanning

Audit support services: Audit defence from our team of SAM consultants

Software optimization services: A full review of your business’ current license estate