Improve Your IT Network with Fast, Targeted Projects Based on Your SAM Data

Reduce Spend, Improve Security and Increase Efficiency in IT

Every large or fast-growing organization will have numerous areas of their IT estate that can be improved. This can include understanding software usage or licensing options to reduce spend, identifying areas of vulnerability with ageing or un-patched software deployments, or ensuring major projects such as Cloud transition or company mergers are conducted in the most efficient manner.

Even for organizations with a mature IT Asset Management system in place, interpreting and acting upon the data insights provided by a software asset management tool, platform, or managed service can be challenging.

SAM Insights from License Dashboard offers organizations a range of projects and reviews based on Software Asset Management data, with no long-term commitment required. Each targeted activity is designed to provide cost savings, prevent license compliance risk, assist with software vendor related issues and report on IT infrastructure.

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