SAM Solutions

Software Asset Management Solutions from License Dashboard

From purchasing software, to spending on maintenance and support, Software Asset Management has the potential of taking up a large percentage of your organization’s IT budget. Managing IT spend wisely is a top priority for both finance and IT professionals, and so License Dashboard has developed a range of SAM solutions designed to help monitor, manage and optimize the licensing and procurement of your software assets.

Software Vendor Audits

With a reported 68% chance of receiving a software vendor audit, from at least one vendor, within the next year, the chances of receiving a notification are at an all time high.

License Dashboard’s suite of Software Asset Management solutions offers you full visibility of the applications deployed across all platforms and reduce the disruption brought about by vendor audits.

Audit and cleanse the data import for an accurate ELP

Remove the manual work with intelligent, automatic reconciliation

Demonstrate results with a suite of Management Reports

Software License Optimization

Being fully prepared should a software vendor send notification of an audit is only part of SAM. Ensuring the licenses already purchased are being utilized to their full reduces the change of overspend.

By reconciling your organization’s’ software entitlements against what is actually in use, License Dashboard prevents wasting licenses and highlights non-compliance by asking the following:

Are you in a fit state to be audited?

Are you wasting your software budget?

Are you bogged down by transactional tasks?

Visibility of Estate

Understanding which software assets, hardware assets and licenses are being used by your organization at any one time is the first step to saving money and minimizing risk. It’s essential in effective SAM and essential in making strategic procurement decisions.
License Dashboard’s visibility of estate solution will locate and identify IT assets, and produce actionable inventory data.

Identify your most effective inventory tools

Minimize software security risks by knowing what to protect

Re-harvest or remove unused assets to save money

Data Normalization

Your organization’s software asset management data can come from multiple sources, which means it will likely include inconsistencies in format.
Data normalization from License Dashboard makes sense of your data, and presents it in a readable, usable way:

Get complete and accurate ITAM visibility

Reveal any risks of non-compliance

Refine your network with reliable insight

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Effective SAM ensures software is available to users with a legitimate need, while at the same time preventing unnecessary spend and safeguarding against falling foul of software licensing conditions.

Our powerful combination of License Dashboard Portal and License Manager technologies offer an integrated solution for all stakeholders involved in managing software on your network:

Users request the software they need

IT managers check availability

Procurement initiates approved purchases

Software License Management

With the increased possibility of at least one software vendor audit each year, the business case for software licensing compliance is clear, but that’s only part of the story; the average organization also over-spends on software by as much as 20 per cent.

License Manager and Dashboard Discovery solutions work together to allow organizations to achieve and maintain software license compliance and save.

Drive down unnecessary costs by avoiding over-purchasing

Provide data to facilitate better contract negotiations

Make more informed purchasing decisions based on user data

Software Inventory

Only when you understand what software is being used can your organization create an Effective Licensing Position (ELP), and so a critical requirement of both software asset management and License Management is an accurate audit.

Designed to find and report on all software deployed across your network, Dashboard Discovery fully integrates with License Manager to provide a reliable audit source:

Reconcile against license entitlements captured in License Manager

Full hardware audit of all Windows PCs and Servers on the network

Understand what needs to be protected with full visibility of your estate

Hardware Asset Management

Having a hardware asset management process in place saves a fortune on your hardware and the subsequent software.  

Dashboard Discovery collects and reports all hardware assets deployed across your IT environment before License Manager reconciles this data to help you understand what is going on within your hardware environment.

Quickly discover and fix hardware problems

Speed up the hardware request process for users

Simplify your upgrade and maintenance renewals

A Tailored Software Asset Management Solution

From a tactical license compliance exercise through to a strategic focus on IT Asset Management (ITAM), License Dashboard has the technologies your organization needs to achieve its short and long term business goals.

Build your bespoke SAM Solution and request a consultation