Data Normalization

Data Normalization

When it comes to ITAM data, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Once your inventory tools have received the consumption data from across your IT estate, our data normalization solution turns this raw, often inconsistent, data into readable information.

Full and accurate visibility of your organization’s IT assets

Uncover and manage unmatched items to have greater visibility of potential compliance issues

Improved data integration for insight into where improvements can be made

What data normalization means for your organization

By providing a Data Normalization solution, we validate the data currently utilized by multiple areas of your business, helping you make key strategic business decisions. New to IT Asset Management? Data Normalization offers you and your business a head start on your ITAM journey.

Data Normalization by License Dashboard collects the raw data from more than 60 industry recognized inventory tools, extracts the relevant attributes and standardizes the data so that it’s presented in a clear, readable format.

License Dashboard’s Data Normalization solution

Deliverable through our on-premise solution, Data Navigator or as a standalone service, our solution gathers data at scheduled times to remove human error and free up your internal resources.