CEO / Director

Customized software usage reports for the CEO

As CEO, you require the headline figures of your organization’s financial exposure and license compliance risk available to you in a quick to digest format, whenever you need. Traditional SAM reports via a spreadsheet can be cumbersome and require time-spent by the IT team to produce.

License Dashboard Portal changes all of that.

Meaningful SAM reporting

Your customized dashboard view takes information directly from your License Manager SAM tool and presents a clear, point in time, overview of your organization’s licensing status. No more spreadsheets, no more wordy explanations.

With License Dashboard Portal you are in control of your organization’s software usage. As well as presenting the headline figures, License Dashboard Portal allows you to easily drill down into any of the licensing and risk areas, giving you the granular detail that may be required in some cases, but stripping away all the background noise usually associated with software management data.

License Dashboard Portal is available to you 24/7 via your workstation, tablet, or smartphone so you have the up-to-date information to hand whenever you need, freeing up your IT team from producing SAM reports.

License Dashboard Portal

CEO / Director View of License Dashboard Portal

What’s important to you?

  • Competitive advantage
  • Reputation
  • ROI on IT Assets
  • Business Efficiency
  • Asset Governance
  • Maximizing Asset Consumption
  • Business Profitability
  • Cost Minimization
  • Financial Control

License Dashboard Portal displays all the information you need to ensure your organization is optimizing all investments while growing effectively.