Finance Manager

Software usage reports for the Finance Manager to help cost saving

As CFO you already ensure your organization is making the most of its spend on software licensing. But as business, reliance on software infrastructure continues to grow, spend is increasing on licensing, cloud, virtual machines, data center and vendor audits, putting increased pressure on your IT budget.

With a shift towards Software as a Service delivery, it is now more important than ever to ensure full visibility of your software spend. Can you tell at-a-glance the value of your deployed or surplus software?

With License Dashboard’s software usage reports you can.

Meaningful SAM reporting

License Dashboard Portal ensures you remain in control of all aspects of your software estate. Not only can you ensure you never purchase an unnecessary license again, you can also mitigate the risk of expensive vendor audits by having a clear, up to date view of your compliance status.

License Dashboard Portal will give you a clear and concise view of the data you need, specific to your role as CFO.

License Dashboard Portal

License Dashboard Portal Finance Manager View

What’s important to you?

  • Monitoring and adherence to vendors T&Cs
  • Best commercial arrangement
  • Track anniversary of software renewals
  • Ability to manage cross charge requirements
  • Monitor and control of SLAs
  • Maximize annual cost savings
  • Achieving purchasing license agreements
  • Proactive notifications of pending renewals

License Dashboard Portal displays all the information you need to ensure your organization has no unexpected costs whilst remaining compliant.