IT Manager

Cybersecurity made easier for IT Managers with software usage reports

As IT Manager you have a long list of responsibilities, not least ensuring business critical infrastructure is secure, running smoothly and delivering a return on investment.

You need to know what is deployed across your network, how this is being used, who is using what, and the status of every device in use. Having this visibility is even more critical if you are planning on shifting your deployments to the cloud.

Software asset management goes far beyond simply ensuring your organization is correctly licensed and minimizing unnecessary spend. No viable cybersecurity strategy is complete without a clear view of all hardware and software assets deployed on your network.

Tailored software usage reports in License Dashboard provide that clarity.

Meaningful SAM reporting

Can you report in seconds the amount of physical and virtual devices you have across your network and are these running the latest and most secure software versions? Do you have visibility of users (staff or contractors) adding unauthorized software to your network? Furthermore, is this information presented in a way that can be easily distributed to key stakeholders and understood without need of a commentary from the IT team?

License Dashboard Portal gives you exactly this option, presenting detailed information from your License Manager SAM tool and adding value to your existing SAM processes.

License Dashboard Portal
License Dashboard Portal IT Manager View

What’s important to you?

  • Security across the entire IT environment
  • Understanding what IT assets are being utilized
  • Ensuring all employees are on the same versions of software
  • Mass deployments run smoothly
  • Track and manage all IT assets
  • Re-harvest software that is no longer being used
  • Re-allocate devices that aren’t being used
  • Moving to the cloud and introducing new technologies as simply as possible

License Dashboard Portal displays all the information you need to ensure your IT environment is secure and being utilized effectively.