Software Asset Manager

Software usage reports so the SAM Manager has visibility of the IT estate

As SAM Manager, you see the value of clear, concise licensing and compliance data, especially when it comes to knowing your ELP at a moment’s notice, or reporting to the boardroom on your organization’s current status.

Does your current SAM technology allow you to view and report in seconds your current license and compliance status, whilst at the same time allowing you to drill down into granular detail on all aspects of your software estate including Azure Billing?

Customizable software usage reports from License Dashboard Portal do just that.

Meaningful SAM reporting

Whenever and wherever you need it, License Dashboard Portal is fully accessible from desktop, tablet, and smartphone. You can show real value from your software asset management, demonstrating a compliance trend analysis, protecting against compliance risks and ensuring that surplus software is kept to a minimum. With a clear view of software metering, you gain accurate and useful information to help your organization make the most of its software estate.

License Dashboard PortalLicense Dashboard Portal Software Asset Manager View

What’s important to you?

  • Clear understanding of IT estate
  • Product standardization
  • Reduction in wasted time
  • Adherence to good asset governance
  • Comply with mobility and business continuity rules
  • Control the provision of cloud based solutions
  • Timely project delivery
  • Visibility and control of virtual server environment

License Dashboard Portal displays all the information you need to balance the equation between what is installed across your environment and what you are entitled to use.