Software License Optimization

Software License Optimization

Being vendor audit ready is just half the battle. Many organizations over-spend on software by purchasing unnecessary software licenses.

License Dashboard approaches software license optimization in three stages:

1. Licence Manager provides a centralized ‘single source of truth’ for all software entitlements owned by your organization

2. It then reconciles this information against software inventory data to establish your organization’s current Effective Licensing Position (ELP)

3. You can make more focused decisions about future requirements using detailed management reports, driving out wastage and increasing availability

Saving money through software license optimization

Are you in  a fit state to be audited?

Analyst firms including Gartner and Forrester now estimate that oragnizations have a 68% chance of being audited by at least one software vendor ina  12 month period. read more

Are you wasting your software budget?

Our audit history has revealed that organizations, on average, over-spend by 20% on software licenses they don’t need in an effort to remain compliant. read more

Are you bogged down by transactional tasks?

Gathering, consolidating and normalizing software install and usage data, as well as license entitlement, is an arduous, manual task, taking weeks or even months to complete. read more

Whatever your SAM maturity or approach to software license optimization, License Manager is the solution you need today, and has the scope to grow with you in the future.

The capture and import of software license data

Optimizing software licenses begins with collecting all of your organization’s entitlements, from all software vendors, into a single location. This is often one of the most laborious and error-prone stages of software license management. With License Manager, software optimization & consolidation becomes easy:

  • Automatic MLS (Microsoft Licensing Statement) import
  • Options for bulk imports of other vendors’ statements
  • On-screen wizard for single license entry
  • Automatic calculation of upgrades and downgrades
  • Automatic association of base and upgrade licenses

When MLS or other reliable proof of license entitlement is unavailable, License Dashboard’s License Cleanse service can be the difference between your software license optimization project stalling or racing ahead. Take documents not usually considered suitable for license evidence, and turn them into credible proofs of entitlement.