Software Audits

Software Vendor Audit

The chances of receiving a software audit notice is at an all-time high, which is hardly surprising when you understand it’s a means of generating revenue for software vendors. Gartner states there is currently a 68% chance of receiving a software audit from at least one vendor, in the next 12 months. Not only are the chances high, the cost is too – with an average audit costing an organization around $500,000.

Although there doesn’t seem to be a definitive reason behind what prompts a software vendor to audit a specific organization, we have noticed certain triggers that inspire vendors:

Business growth
If your revenue increases, or your company expands, it could lead to a change in licensing.

Licensing history
If your organization’s rate of purchase drops or increases, it raises questions around how your organization is remaining compliant.

Tech evolution
Virtual desktops, BYOD and cloud make already complicated licensing terms even more challenging.

Which Software Vendor is most likely to Audit?

According to Gartner, the vendors most likely to audit customers are IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft and SAP (in that order). Most organizations utilize the software and hardware from at least three of these vendors, leading to a potential three audits within 12 months.

How do I prevent a software vendor audit?

Impossible! However, you can prepare and act proactively when a software vendor audit comes your way. Invest time in creating an SAM program that ensures you’re in a position to respond quickly and confidently.

How can License Dashboard help?

With our suite of SAM solutions and our tailored SAM services, we offer you full visibility of the applications deployed across all platforms, as well as how they are being used within your organization. Our flagship product, License Manager, helps reduce the disruption brought about by vendor audits while optimizing your current licenses and managing unbudgeted IT spend.

Auditing and cleansing the data import

To build an accurate Effective Licensing Position, you need to know what’s in use on your network, which is where License Manager comes in:

  • Use software audit data from over 60 third party inventory tools
  • Automatic cleansing of all software asset data post import
  • Present the audit results in a way that makes sense to software licensing

Few solutions make this transformation as effortlessly as License Manager. What traditionally has taken licensing experts days to achieve is now done automatically in just a few seconds.

Intelligent, Automatic Reconciliation

Historically, the reconciliation of licensing requires highly-skilled licensing experts to manually decipher the organization’s entitlements. Not so with License Manager:

  • Remove the manual work with intelligent rules and recognition
  • Reduce costs by using fewer resources and less manpower
  • Automatically arrive at the most advantageous licensing position

Regularly performing reconciliation tasks will reveal where your organization currently stands, and so if a vendor asks for your license position, there will be no nasty surprises.

Management Reports

To help demonstrate the results of the software license optimization exercise, whether to internal auditors or third parties, License Manager includes a suite of management reports that make it easy.

Additional services for your Software Vendor Audit

SAM Consultancy

License Dashboard and its skilled partners help organizations of all sizes overcome their software licensing and optimization challenges, including software vendor audits, by providing the levels of licensing expertise not often found in-house.

License Dashboard SAM experts not only understand all the major vendor licensing schemes (from Adobe to Symantec and everything in-between!), they also know how to define SAM programs that will drive significant cost savings across the enterprise.

SAM Process Design & Implementation