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Oracle is one of the world’s largest software vendors and, according to Gartner, it is currently the second most likely vendor to audit within 12 months.

Like other vendors, Oracle may use customer audits as a revenue opportunity, but it is difficult to predict what will provoke an audit. Other reasons include; a change in software spend or employee size, company divestment or acquisition, or even a change in your IT strategy. At License Dashboard, our Oracle software asset management will help you take control of your Oracle estate and prepare for an audit.

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Gain full control of your estate with complete visibility of all Oracle software installs

Proactively manage licensing rule changes and any new Oracle deployments

Make informed, strategic decisions based on ELP and available resources

The problem with managing Oracle Software Licenses

Through our many years of Oracle licensing experience, we have found that customers are stumbling over the same challenges time and time again. The two main struggles we see are:

Dealing with the complexities of Oracle licensing rules and contracts

  • Oracle licensing rules from multiple published sources could apply to one product set
  • New terms and conditions could have been applied since deployment of the software
  • Instead a combination of written agreements ensures their software is licensed to include
    • The Oracle Master Agreement, which details the standard rights to all Oracle products, and
    • The Ordering Documents, which hold specific details for every product ordered

Inventory tools mis-measuring or not identifying Oracle products

  • Even if the tool picks up the bare minimum, it may not determine editions and user information
  • It also may not identify Processors and virtualization environments
  • This means manual work for the SAM Manager, using valuable time and resource

Highly experienced Oracle Software Asset Management

License Dashboard has two options for assisting with Oracle software asset management, one through our world-class ITAM tool, License Manager, and the other through our Managed Service.