Autodesk consulting services

Autodesk software is expensive, which means that an organization needs only a handful of deployments to start racking up the costs, but License Dashboard’s Autodesk consulting services prevents overspend or over-licensing.

Now that it’s moved to a subscription-based licensing model, Autodesk license management has become more simple, but a lack of experience with the software, and the risk involved in deploying said software, means that organizations can find themselves in trouble if they receive an audit request letter.

  • Successful identification of trial or counterfeit licenses or serial numbers for comprehensive, reliable inventory assessment
  • Maximising of the software investment by reconciling what is deployed with what is used, and what is needed by the organization
  • Insight into the full range of products and benefits available through the Autodesk Account

Employing Autodesk consulting services for an audit

There can be a number of reasons that an organization is targeted by Autodesk for an audit. In the case of Autodesk, many of their software products have built-in reporting technology that notifies the compliance team about installation and usage.

To be ready for an audit, organizations need an accurate inventory to reveal whether any of their software is unlicensed. They must discover uninstalled products, expired trials, or free-reader versions to exclude them as false positives. Next, this up-to-date inventory must be cross-referenced with user agreements to understand whether deployment matches license restrictions or rules relating to software installed on servers, networked licenses, or standalone licenses, as well as pre-defined regulations for re-harvesting licenses between employees.

In-house Autodesk license management versus consultancy

In an ideal world, your organization will enjoy mature, effective Software Asset Management with regular internal audits and a predefined procedure for requesting access to software. For many, this simply isn’t a realistic goal. License Dashboard’s software licensing consultants alleviate the pain associated with Autodesk software optimization and consolidation.

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