Micro Focus Software License Management

Micro Focus customers can often be vulnerable to non-compliance. When older systems are not being widely used through the organisation, they are pushed down the list of priorities within SAM programs, so Micro Focus license management falls by the wayside.

License Dashboard’s software licensing consultants can help your organization tackle a software vendor audit and drive significant cost savings.

  • Expert cross referencing of entitlement documentation and proof of purchase for compliance
  • Fluency in licensing terms so the deployed editions and versions of products are fully licensed
  • Diagnosing over-deployment caused by the scaling up of historically broad licensing terms

Consultation for Micro Focus software license management

License Dashboard has been working with Micro Focus customers for years, and we see similar issues with the mismanagement of its licensing. Mainly difficulties in understanding the language used in Micro Focus licensing, and the terms of the licenses themselves.

New editions, similar names

Legacy customers, especially, are at risk of licensing one product while deploying another, newer edition with a very similar name. They are over-licensed for an old edition, and under-licensed for the new.

Licensing language and management difficulties

The management of both licences and usage within Micro Focus systems can be complex due to both the ease in which capacity can be increased and the difficulty in determining usage numbers.

Due to data retention requirements (or through negligence) organisations may not remove a redundant user’s account. For some products, these redundant accounts must still be paid for, but can easily slip under the SAM manager’s radar.

Stop Micro Focus over-licensing through software licensing consultancy

There are many reasons an organisation can find itself over-licensed for any software vendor, not just Micro Focus. But spending IT budget on unnecessary licensing doesn’t make good business sense. License Dashboard’s software licensing consultants simplify software optimization and consolidation.