Quest Software Asset Management

If the case between Nike and Quest has shown the SAM community anything, it’s that the language in the Software License and Service Agreement must be scrutinized. Disputes between potential users versus actual users, the use of potentially pirated keys, and the difference between “omission” and “permission” serve as a warning to Quest customers, and make the threat of an audit fee all the more real.

Navigating a Quest software audit is rife with risk due to ambiguity in defining what constitutes a license and a user, and having the software deployed in a virtualized environment. It’s a lot to take on in-house, even with a mature SAM Program, and that’s where the software licensing consultants at License Dashboard can help.

  • Definition in how to count different license types and ensuring they are paid for
  • Naming and identifying all user-types including non-human and inactive accounts so they are correctly licensed
  • Scan the environment to retrieve all Quest License Keys and compare the results with the customer’s license key records, thus being able to single out any potentially non-authorised product keys

Quest software asset management consultants

If, like many of License Dashboard’s customers who are tackling a Quest license audit, you don’t know how to count the license usage of your Quest products or are unsure of your license entitlement position, bringing in a software license consultant will shed some light on the situation. Our experts will also help you understand if you are using Quest products with lapsed maintenance support.

License Dashboard for Quest software asset management coverage

Understanding Quest’s license metrics and how deployment will be counted is step one in effective Quest software asset management. Overcome licensing challenges by consulting our experts to assess risk.

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