Symantec consulting services

Every organization must secure and manage their data. Some organizations may store more than others, but on the whole, that volume of stored information is increasing. Symantec’s range of cyber security software is the popular choice for eliminating risks to information and keeping an organization’s network safe and secure. Accessible through a single Symantec Agreement Number (SAN), customers can view, track, and manage all of their Symantec software license and renewal agreements. License Dashboard’s Symantec consulting services help organizations understand the best way to purchase Symantec software with maintenance service and support options in mind.

  • Expert knowledge of the subtle variances in Symantec licensing types and use rights
  • Experienced consumption management review to reduce ongoing license and maintenance costs
  • Analysis of eligibility for higher discount levels in Symantec products, for a greater return on investment

Symantec license management to keep tabs on products and use rights

Through their acquisitions, mergers and demergers, it can be confusing to keep tabs on all the products available through Symantec, and more confusing still due to the variation in product use rights.

More than “just reconciliation”, effective Symantec license management means organizations identify software installations, reconcile their purchases alongside those installations, and then optimize the consumption of those licenses to ensure compliance and return on software investment. The correct interpretation and application of product usage rights is key, and our Symantec licensing consultants are highly experienced in Symantec licensing terminology.

Specialist Symantec consulting services

Managing Symantec licenses and compliance is often regarded by our customers as more difficult than with other vendors due to the nuances in the definition of licensing types. Your Account Manager will offer advice, but with License Dashboard’s Symantec consulting services we’re confident that with the right tools, and the right support, you can be sure you have an accurate and complete inventory and are getting the most out of your software investment.

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