Veritas Licensing Consultants

Since their demerger from Symantec in 2016, it is rumoured that Veritas has ramped up their audit activity. Servicing nearly 90% of the global Fortune 500, and commanding almost a quarter of the market share in backup and recovery solutions, Gartner named them a Worldwide Market Share Leader by revenue.

As with any software provider, Veritas partly drives its revenue by auditing its customers. The already complicated licensing entitlements are trickier still due to their historical connection with Symantec and NetBackup. The Veritas consulting services at License Dashboard will help you prepare for an audit, and take back control of your Veritas licensing.

  • Expert insight into interpreting Veritas licensing rules and metrics, both new and old
  • Efficient use of IT budget by reclassifying and reassigning subscriptions
  • Audit protection with full visibility of licenses and entitlements

Veritas Software Asset Management from the experts

Identifying a specific reason for a software vendor delivering an audit request isn’t easy, but if your business is experiencing growth, if your software licensing requirements change, or if your organisation’s technology is modernized, it could be time to call in a Veritas Software Asset Management consultant.

Veritas consulting services so you’re audit-ready

Efficient software licensing comes with challenges, and Veritas licensing is no different. At License Dashboard, our SAM experts are available for organizations of all sizes, with or without a mature SAM process in place, who are looking to overcome their licensing challenges, including notice of a Veritas software audit.

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